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General Testimonials
What some clients have said...

"A friend told me of Debra and a “different type of consulting.” I was a woman in her 50’s searching for something I know not what – anxious, unsure, “stuck” in regard to life decisions. Sad and Stagnant.
Debra was open, non-judgmental and encouraged me to find the road I’d been searching for and helped me see many things through new eyes. Unlike other therapy, I continue to grow with her help into a person strong on my own no longer hindered by past situations real or in some ways misperceptions of my youth. I would encourage anyone to work with
Debra wherever you may be in life. It will add a richer dimension to life and add joy to a better you.
Thank you Debra for helping me grow and may it continue.
Best Wishes
"Your ability to bring understanding to complex concepts is so valued. I am now able to join-in and be part of the ride of a lifetime! When using the tools you teach......life becomes truly alive. Thank you for your tireless sharing and taking the veil from my eyes. Many, many blessings to you my friend."
H. Saline


"Extremely beneficial in restoring my sense of self-worth and self-esteem. It was VERY empowering. This is cutting edge in the lield of self improvement. The training was very informative and was presented in a way that was easy to understand."
L. Enyeart


"This was the best workshop I've ever taken. It was expertly presented. The material was of great value in aiding me to help others and practice NLP to the best of my ability."
A. Rahaman
"This is amazing, intriguing and exciting work! I found much value for myslef and my clients. It is groundbreaking and life changing for client and practitioner."
J. Marzella


Case Study Testimonials

Client Testimonial:

I came to see if we could work on my social anxiety problem that's been plaguing me for about 14 years now.

After 6 highly enjoyable sessions of NPR Neural Pathway Restructuring™ I can honestly say I have never felt so confident and relaxed around people in all my life! I can now walk into previously scary social situations and feel pretty much totally at ease. I feel so comfortable now in certain situations that I don't even seem to think about how comfortable or uncomfortable I actually am. I'll be sitting down in a large group in a meeting or some other event and half way through I'll suddenly notice how incredibly at ease I feel when previously, before the NPR I would have been so full of anxiety and so tensed up that I would have had a headache.


It's wonderful and the positive changes seem to be flowing into other areas of my life too. I just feel so much more comfortable with people and this is making me generally much happier and more productive in my work too.


Thank you,


Client Testimonial:
“Looking at the event through someone else’s eyes was an eye opener.
Because it was a visual thing, thought there was no way it would change the way I feel about me. The test looking at a photograph proved it had worked.
Felt very tired during the questioning and afterwards really energized.”
Client Testimonial:
“Subtle change. A gentle process – not invasive. Sure I will get tested.
Shift in values was profound as when redone, a new value emerged, ‘Taking time to enjoy things and having fun’. I had ‘fun’ before and meant fast paced. Now more about taking time to enjoy it.”

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