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Neural Pathway Restructuring: Changing Your Past to Create Your Future


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For the past 12 years I’ve been working in the self-development field either one on one with clients or presenting trainings. Many of my clients have been abused women, children and men as well as drug and alcohol addicts. It was with these clients that I began to experiment and test a new process I call Neural Pathway Restructuring™.


Neural Pathway Restructuring was clearly defined as a viable process to create lasting change in dealing with behavioral strategies.


As I worked with these presenting problems it became obvious to me that we were working with more than just negative emotions, limiting beliefs and memories. In fact, we were working with the very strategies that define ourselves and our approach to life. These strategies were reinforced in our brains and went as deeply as the cellular level.

Not only do we generate neurological pathways of behavior in our brain, we become addicted to our own brain chemicals. Just as an addict must get high off an external chemical, we too can be addicted to a behavioral strategy which releases the sought after chemicals. If our behavior is of a positive nature then we never worry about it. But, if the behavior is undesirable, we may try all manner of interventions to change it only to find we’re replacing it with something else.


The problem lies in the neural pathway.  And the neural pathway is not one linear sequencing of behavior but webs of interconnecting threads creating hundreds of connections. In the past with the current interventions we could deal with one pathway but what about all the other connections?


Research has shown that we can actively affect how our brains can rewire themselves to create new neural networks and override

pre-existing ones.  By 1998, Merzenich and deCharms were saying that we actually choose how our minds will work which results in physical responses.


Neural Pathway Restructuring is a transformative process to restructure the way the mind encodes behavior. Based on recent discoveries in Quantum Physics and Neuroplasticity, Neural Pathway Restructuring™ allows the person to replace old destructive patterns with new desired behaviors. Instead of the traditional psychological aspect of the client as being broken, Neural Pathway Restructuring™ utilizes the relationship between the person and their own “inner healer” to facilitate change.


Utilizing various techniques from Ericksonian Hypnosis, guided imagery, the work of Dr. Candace Pert and Dr. Bruce Lipton as well as the recent work in neuroplasticity, Neural Pathway Restructuring’s™ approach is of a holistic nature working with the 4 bodies— Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.


As a quantum model of healing, Neural Pathway Restructuring
  • Allows us to access and transform the cellular memory of our unconscious responses thereby restructuring the neuro-receptors in the brain
  • Changes our emotional responses of our predominant negative emotions as well as our “imagined” ones
  • Gives one the ability to literally “remake” themselves into the desired being
  • Accesses the higher level intuitive self that carries the blueprint of perfect health


Neural Pathway Restructuring alters the neurological habitual pattern of behavior so much so that it’s impossible to run it again even if you tried to. When utilizing this technique with someone we have to “warn” them they won’t be able to access the behavior ever again.


Neural Pathway Restructuring has been used successfully with victims of abuse, addictions of all kinds, weight control, depression, loss of sense of self and/or purpose, massive fear or anxiety, lack of self esteem as well as a myriad of other presenting problems.



Love and light, Debra Fentress


Debra Fentress has a background in Psychology, is a published author, Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Spiritual Counselor and creator of Neural Pathway Restructuring. She is involved yearly with the International Hypnosis Federation conference. 

Founder and Creator of Neural Pathway Restructuring: Changing Your Past to Create Your Future



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