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Neural Pathway Restructuring™ Associate Practitioner Certification Why become a Certified Associate Practitioner?
How do I become a Certified Associate Practitioner?
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Certified Associate Practitioner Benefits:

  •  Certificate and Title of Associate Practitioner of Neural Pathway Restructuringsubject to adherence to codes of practice.
  •  Upload of photo & brief Bio on Practitioners page on Neural Pathway Restructuringwebsite with your contact information for referrals.
  • Ability to “practice” Neural Pathway Restructuringon self and others within coaching or therapeutic practice (if certified as such).
  • Ability to use the Neural Pathway Restructuringname in your publications and business card. Please note: the name Neural Pathway Restructuring™ is both a U.S. copyright and trademark.

To complete your Neural Pathway Restructuring™ Associate Practitioner Certification you will need to:


(1) Submit 5 case studies (only 1 of self)

During your “practice” of Neural Pathway Restructuringwe ask that you fill out and return to the Association, 5 forms with information of the presenting problem, the amount of time, and the outcome. (A copy of the form is provided for you to copy or you can download them from the website.)


(2) Submit 2 write-ups of positive experiences with “NPR”, including the client’s testimonials (for inclusion on website).

As you use Neural Pathway Restructuringyou will find that some cases stand out from the others. We ask that you share with us and others, at least 2 of these experiences along with the client’s name or initials and testimonial. (These can come from the 5 submitted case studies.)


(3) One Time Lifetime Associate Practitioner Certification Fee.

The Associate Practitioner Certification fee is $300.00 USD. One half of this fee is to be paid up front with the balance due at presentation of materials. Students may provide a check, money order or submit payment through the website.


(4) Sign Agreements to abide by Neural Pathway RestructuringCodes of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics ensures the highest quality of professionalism and standards of practice.  You may either sign the form today with your Certification Fee or download it from the website and submit the signed copy with your other paperwork.


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